If you're reading this page I'm hoping it means you're at least a little bit curious about scheduling an Allure boudoir session and are here to see if it's for you.  First, good for you! No matter how outgoing you are in your daily life, this is still a bold move to do boudoir. 

So what exactly is an Allure session?

It's a little bit boudoir, a little bit glam, and all about taking some time for yourself. It's so fun, refreshing and my clients leave telling me they feel empowered and confident. I *love* to give you that space! That's where Allure sessions come in.  Allure sessions is about the suggestion, not necessarily showing. And they usually aren't in a bedroom.

But what does that look like? What does that mean for me?  

The best way to figure what your session will be like is to have a chat- on the phone or in person. Use the handy contact form below and lets talk! 

I can't see myself doing something like that/Bustiers and thigh highs? That's not me. 

From the more conservative "cozy Saturday morning" to a lively  "I'm the boss" - there are many shades of boudoir. Every woman is a little different in her personal expressions and your boudoir session is tailored to you and your definition of bold. I offer in person or phone consultation, wardrobe suggestion/consultation if you wish (hello Pinterest!) and time to talk through every question you have. 

Bustiers and thigh highs? That IS me!

CMP absolutely offers boudoir sessions with more of that bedroom look. If this is what you're dreaming of, let me know! We can make that happen.

Can I see a gallery? 

You'll only see a few scattered pictures here. It's partly because I think that part of the intrigue and mystery of boudoir is having those pictures be in print. It could be loose prints in a box, an album tucked away on a high shelf, or little album in your top drawer. Whether for yourself or a gift for significant other, having those images in real ink and paper is a beautiful way to preserve them. 

It's also partly because everyone's definition of privacy is different, and out of respect to my clients I have decided to be very restrictive in what boudoir images I put online. Now, I'm very fortunate to have had clients that agree to let me use some of their work for advertising (woot! Thank you!) Still, I'd rather err on the side of minimal work online.

Buuut, I want you to have a chance to see more. So, if you're thinking about it and want to chat over coffee or other bev of your choice- lets do a quick meet up consult!  It's a perfect time to ask questions and see more work in person. Bring a friend or two (or three - I offer referral bonuses if you refer someone who books a session!)

Intrigued? Think this could be you? It is! An Allure boudoir session at CMP is about giving  you the space to feel empowered and realize the gorgeous babe you are today.....and it's FUN! A little pampering, hair and makeup, music and a reason to treat yourself- say yes! It's so worth it.


Thinking about Valentine's Day? Get in touch soon!

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