How I got here...Or, Behind the Camera

One of the *many* things I love about being behind the camera is the chance to tell your story. I don't often tell mine. That's part of what makes this so hard; but, I'll give it a go.

  That's me. I'm Savannah here at Ce Moment and this is how it all got started:

I have always quietly dreamed of being a photographer. It was always waved away as 'just a dream'. Something that fills the cloudy space of your mind when you let it walk where it wills.  

Then, about 8 or 9 years down the path of my,  er... regular?, career I found myself once again in that spot where I felt unfulfilled by what I was 'supposed to do' and confused by why.  Confiding in a close friend she asked what I would do if  I could do anything.  I meekly confessed wishes to be a photographer. She quickly dismissed me  with a brief wave of her hand, an eye roll, and said "That will never happen. What else?"         

And I believed her. 

I kept going, looking for other things that also fit 'supposed to'. Then, I turned 30. See, for me, the beautiful thing about 30 was slowly I became ok with giving less and less fucks about what I was supposed to do.  And my wisp of a dream started floating in again. 

After many conversations with myself and my dear, dear friend Catie behind closed office doors, I heard unwavering support along the lines of 'Hell yes' and 'Do it'.   She made me remember to be brave.

Over time my path had crossed with a photographer whose work I lightly stalked and drooled over (how did she do it?!?) I dared to wonder if I could just get an internship... a go-for-ship...anything!...with her, maybe that could gleen enough bits of skill to start to make it on my own.

Deciding to be oddly formal, I handwrote a letter (read: practice draft, edit, edit,edit) then wrote, re-wrote and re-wrote until I was almost out of the shimmery paper I specially selected for my request for consideration. After staring at the envelope sitting on my dresser top I finally managed the gumption to drop it in the mail. 


Weeks, maybe a month, went by and this crazy talented photographer came to my house. Heart pounding in my ears I muddled through a casual chat about kids, sleep...I dunno. My mind was busy running every possible 'no' situation. And then she brought up my letter. She graciously thanked me, said I was sweet.

......And she then said 'no'. She said no to an internship.


In the next breath she volunteered to teach me. Wait. what?! She said 'I'll teach you, I'll help you along the way. We'll talk, I'll guide you, help you learn everything I didn't know when I started.' She just opened up her heart and shared, just...because. Because, I think, because it's good to do. Because she's like that. She meant it too- she took me look at gear, brought me on her team for weddings and engagement sessions. She answered every. basic. question. Discussed business philosophy and branding. She gave me space to learn my camera and find my style. Most importantly-she shared openly with kindness and heart.

So now here I am, so so so fortunate to be embracing something that was once so "just" a dream. 

Thank You, Jess. You were there when my life changed.  


That's how I got here. 

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