Many Thanks and Much Love

I have a special place in my heart for new babies, growing families and how they came to be.  

It's been in my heart for a while now, so I'm excited to officially open the teensy baby and births branch of Ce Moment!!  Ok, so the 'fresh 48' isn't new....I'm still super pumped!! If you or someone you love is expecting and maybe just a little bit considering birth photography, please get in touch. I am offering special portfolio building pricing, so if you were on the fence now is the time to book! (more on this  later!)

This year I was really lucky to meet a couple fresh fresh babies in their first few hours of life. While I don't always post or share the images with the public (more on that too, later) it's so sweet to give a little peek -when the parents say ok!

This little lady, her adorable brother and sweet parents are near and dear to me. The 2 hour drive flew by with all the adrenaline in my system on my way to meet baby Blair at about 10 hours old and (hooray!) capture the moment she met her big brother!!

Here they are, when Baby makes 4.....

(and can you even believe how gorgeous mama is? She *just* gave birth- she makes it look easy.)


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