Baby + Fur Baby; in-home newborn session

These in home newborn sessions are steadily stealing my heart. I was so fortunate (and giddy!) to get to document this sweet babe’s entrance into the world (the cliff notes of that are here). To then get to see her whole fam in it’s new reality at home was just lovely.

Their “first baby”, aka their fur baby, was sure I had come for a photo session for just for him.


It only take a weeks that melt in to months before you can hardly believe they were ever this small.


We know babies aren’t just gorgeous sleeping sweeties to stare at with heart eyes. Still- the big cries of a teeny baby are adorable.


This mama told me about the plans they had for this space. A little play space all her own - the nook destined to be a doll house. I could see the forts and toy kitchens of early childhood; bean bags, books and string lights of late childhood; posters pulled out of Tiger Beat magazine (still a thing, right?) and Polaroid pictures with friends (absolutely still a thing) taped to the wall in her teenage years... the space would change with her, it would get a history. But on this day...this day it was fresh and new and only full of "somedays". Just like her. That's why this image is my favorite- today is her personal history in the making, and saving that is why I do this job.

Savannah Caines