Baby Love

Birth photography has been at the tip top of my photographer wishlist (yep, we have these) always always always. When Mikaela first contacted me about her wife, Amber's, pregnancy and documenting their child's birth I was just over the moon.  Later, in their cozy living room I got to meet Amber and hear a bit about their journey to parenthood and just how long they had been dreaming and trying for their new babe.  I was just so happy for them, so happy for their growing family- baby makes 4!- and so grateful to be invited to share this time with them. 

I probably messaged and checked in a little too often, haha (I was excited!) and everything progressed well through the holidays. Being Ohio we were expecting gobs of snow which was just what these snow birds wanted for their wintry maternity session. We watched the radar all through January and February. Instead what we got was warm weather, gorgeous blue skies and an early spring (check that session out here).  Despite the intense wind that day the mama's were glowing and happy to be hitting that milestone in Amber's pregnancy. 

FINALLY it was baby time! Amber was in labor and Mikaela was diligently keeping me updated through the night. I can't tell you how many times I launched out of bed to the sound of each text message ding with the latest news. By 4:30 a.m. I was calling my babysitter and on the road a very short time later. Adrenaline is really good for making you *alert* and speedily ready for departure. That and I had everything laid out or packed already.  ;)

Good news! I made it of course (this would be a terrible blog if I hadn't.) It was ah-mazing. Really, there aren't words. So so many congratulations to Amber and Mikaela on their joy  and their beautiful babe. Thank you for helping me realize one of my dreams while documenting one of yours. 

AND thank you for letting me share this abbreviated version of your birth story!!! 

Savannah Caines