Birth Photography

When people hear I offer birth photography services I’m either met with “OHMYGOODNESS how amazing!” or “Say what now? Not like, while they’re actually giving birth though, right?” Yes, most definitely, while they’re actually giving birth. It is unlike any other experience. Really. Forget what you’ve seen on TV. For all the “But do you…?” or “What about…?” questions- it depends. The amount, and type of coverage is different for every family. Let’s sit down and talk about that.

The birthing space is a sacred little bubble- to be invited in truly is an honor every. single. time. Your birth story is yours alone- your process may be a symphony of emotions, white- knuckle-sweat-dripping-work….or it may be a serene sea or resting, chatting and laughing while you wait. You may have an audience- maybe it’s just you. This could be your first, your last, your rainbow baby, your adoption story or your surrogacy story.

Curious about birth photography and if it fits you? Let’s chat- a phone call or a quick bite to eat (something you’re craving? Tell me!)

Now, let me feature a beautiful little family for whom I was graced with the pleasure of documenting this momentous day.

Mom relaxing while in labor during birth photography session
Worried and stressed dad during birth of his daughter in Columbus Ohio birth photography session.
Umbilliacal cord visible during birth
New mom relaxes with newborn infant in her arms documented during birth photography session in Columbus Ohio.
Dad holds his newborn daughter for the first time in the hospital during birth photography session in Columbus Ohio.
Mom admires newborn baby daughter after giving birth in Columbus Ohio
Savannah Caines