Fresh 48 Session in Westerville, OH- Big sister meets her little brother for the first time!

Oh my, these sessions pull at my mama heart strings. I’ve mentioned that my own children were the inspiration to take the headlong leap into photography. Photography is my magic wand for slowing down time, savoring these moments. I just love giving that to another family. Fresh 48 sessions in a hospital are the epitome of transition- you’re really between worlds. Your long awaited baby is here in your arms, but you’re not home…that brief window between ‘out there’ and ‘in here’. When grandparents and siblings join the session to meet the baby for the first time it is a day to remember for all!

This mama’s bestie gifted her this session (all the heart eyes- what a fantastic gift! And yes, I offer gift certificates for full sessions or any amount toward a session or prints). I got a few minutes to spend with the new baby and his parents, each enjoying a few moments with just the three of them. Then we got to witness a little girl meeting her baby brother for the first time.

New big sister meets her little brother at hospital during Fresh 48 session
Big sister sees her baby brother for the first time.
Newborn swaddled in cradle during Fresh 48 session in Columbus Ohio
Up close picture of newborn feet taken by Columbus Ohio newborn photographer
Hands of each family member help hold the newborn baby during in hospital photo session called Fresh 48 in Columbus OH
Mother snuggles her infant son during Fresh 48 session in the hospital in Columbus OH