I have had the incredible fortune and opportunity (and so so much fun!) to be the second photographer for the incredibly talented Jessica Love at Jessica Love Photography (see a bit about my journey in photography because of her kindness and guidance here.)

The gallery below is a mix of my work as a lead for Ce Moment Photography and as a second photographer for Jessica Love Photography. ALL of the work you see below was created by me- from shutter to edit.  I look forward to continuing to expand this gallery (the internet is basivally endless, right?) with work from both paths. I love love love leading weddings with the kind and open-hearted people I am so humbled and grateful  to call my clients. I also can't-stop-won't-stop hanging and working with Jess.  I hope you stop back often to see this ever expanding body of work! While you're at it, check out these lovely couples and their Engagement sessions.