Kid, you'll move mountains!

So so grateful to be able to write a second blog about a birth I documented.. I can't express how truly grateful I am to have this trust from someone and be be able to share in a incredible moment in their lives. Thank you so much to Liz and Basheer for inviting me to share your space -  on this, your day of all days! 


When I first met Liz for a juice and a chat about becoming her birth photographer, I could tell that she was just the sweetest. She was so nice and genuine and in love with her yet to be born baby. Her  laid back vibe was a nice contrast to me, nearly jumping out of my chair with excitement. (I'm lucky I don't scare people off with my enthusiasm.). I later learned that this down-to-earth view was so central to her as a being, something she carried with her everywhere- even the delivery room! Still now, when I think about this birth 'calm' is at the center of it all.

 I made it to Liz very shortly after she contacted me that she was being admitted and was something like 5 cm along. I high tailed it to the hospital immediately (I happen to already have my gear on me- fortunate!) When I got to her room, Liz was as relaxed and pleasant and conversational as the day I met her. She was just so. calm.  I was in awe and almost didn't believe she was in labor. 

So many loved one's in her life were excited and waiting for this day. She entertained a few visitors and managed to keep her friends and family updated. There may have been some SnapChat involved ;)

As labor progressed and she turned her focus inward you could tell it was almost baby time! It amazes me how you can really feel the energy change in the room. Still, she was calm. 

For those who choose birth photography, the reasons vary. Liz really wanted to be able to see the expression on her husbands' face when they met their daughter for the very first time. She has the foresight to know she might be distracted in that moment and not looking at him. His expressions during labor say so much about how hard that mama was working.  I am so glad I could be there to capture some of these expressions to share with them both!! 

Liz was so focused and baby Z was born in what felt like not time at all (to me at least, ha!) The rest of these images tell the story without any more of my help. 

Considering birth photography? Contact me here-  let's chat!!

Baby Love

Birth photography has been at the tip top of my photographer wishlist (yep, we have these) always always always. The space a woman chooses to give birth in is somehow delicate, in need of protection....and site to the incredible strength of a birthing mother.  It's a bubble that requires invitation or necessity to be present to witness some of, I think, the most intensely incredible moments of life.

Now, I've known Mikaela for a loooooong time. When she first contacted me last fall about her wife, Amber's, pregnancy and documenting their child's birth I was just over the moon.  Later, in their cozy living room I got to meet Amber and hear a bit about their journey to parenthood and just how long they had been dreaming and trying for their new babe.  I was just so happy for them, so happy for their growing family- baby makes 4!- and so grateful to be invited to share this time with them. 

I probably messaged and checked in a little too often, haha (I was excited!) and everything progressed well through the holidays. Being Ohio we were expecting gobs of snow which was just what these snow birds wanted for their wintry maternity session. We watched the radar all through January and February. Instead what we got was warm weather, gorgeous blue skies and an early spring (check that session out here).  Despite the intense wind that day the mama's were glowing and happy to be hitting that milestone in Amber's pregnancy. 

FINALLY it was baby time! Amber was in labor and Mikaela was diligently keeping me updated through the night. I can't tell you how many times I launched out of bed to the sound of each text message ding with the latest news. By 4:30 a.m. I was calling my babysitter and on the road a very short time later. Adrenaline is really good for making you *alert* and speedily ready for departure. That and I had everything laid out or packed already.  ;)

Good news! I made it of course (this would be a terrible blog if I hadn't.) It was ah-mazing. Really, there aren't words. So so many congratulations to Amber and Mikaela on their joy  and their beautiful babe. Thank you for helping me realize one of my dreams while documenting one of yours. 

AND thank you for letting me share this abbreviated version of your birth story!!! 

Spring in Ohio- we all made it again!

Winter is never over fast enough for me- by January 2nd I'm ready for warmer weather.  So when I met Aaron and Claudia this past winter (they're so cute!) and we started talking about a spring engagement session I was really ready to get through that whole the sky-is-the-same-color-as-the-ground season. I had visions of pink booms and blue skies to get to!

We planned really carefully to try our best to land between two births I was scheduled for (haha, "scheduled"- but really!) and I have to say the timing was perfect. 

These two were so sweet and easy going, and went along with me running all over the city. I really enjoy chatting with couples to hear about places that are meaningful to them in their personal history. Columbus has special meaning for Aaron and Claudia and it was truly fun to weave that into their session. I hope where ever they may go these images will take them back to these moments. 












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Many Thanks and Much Love

I have a special place in my heart for new babies, growing families and how they came to be.  

It's been in my heart for a while now, so I'm excited to officially open the teensy baby and births branch of Ce Moment!!  Ok, so the 'fresh 48' isn't new....I'm still super pumped!! If you or someone you love is expecting and maybe just a little bit considering birth photography, please get in touch. I am offering special portfolio building pricing, so if you were on the fence now is the time to book! (more on this  later!)

This year I was really lucky to meet a couple fresh fresh babies in their first few hours of life. While I don't always post or share the images with the public (more on that too, later) it's so sweet to give a little peek -when the parents say ok!

This little lady, her adorable brother and sweet parents are near and dear to me. The 2 hour drive flew by with all the adrenaline in my system on my way to meet baby Blair at about 10 hours old and (hooray!) capture the moment she met her big brother!!

Here they are, when Baby makes 4.....

(and can you even believe how gorgeous mama is? She *just* gave birth- she makes it look easy.)


Christmas Mini Sessions!!

Only 2 days out from December and I feel it's completely appropriate to to be thinking about all things Christmas.

To get started I am so excited for this year's Christmas mini sessions! I'll be holding mini sessions at Taylor Tree Farm  in the Sunbury/Delaware area. It's not too far of a drive and the farm is really nice! When I arrived I got the impression it was a smaller farm due to the not-overrun parking area and general peace and quiet.  But, I was pleasantly surprised to see a wide field of lovely firs after just a short walk in.

 I am a big fan of the cut-your-own tree  tradition. So it follows that I am no stranger to the tribulations of searching and searching for the perfect combination of (1) full-on-most-sides (2) as straight of a trunk as nature will produce.  I was geeky excited to see so many trees that looked so symmetrical. *sigh* 

Pack up the fam and join me on December 5th at the tree farm. 20 minute time slots from 12:00p-4:00p are open for booking. In your session we can get a few family portraits and document your journey to the perfect tree.  

Rush processing on your images available. Please note fee includes session time only.

Add-on option of your choice of templates for Christmas Cards + envelopes (in groups of 25) professionally printed and delivered to you. 

To top it off- refer a friend who books and I'll send you a 5x7 print of your favorite image as a gift!

Inquiry form below, or email me directly at

How I got here...Or, Behind the Camera

One of the *many* things I love about being behind the camera is the chance to tell your story. I don't often tell mine. That's part of what makes this so hard; but, I'll give it a go.

  That's me. I'm Savannah here at Ce Moment and this is how it all got started:

I have always quietly dreamed of being a photographer. It was always waved away as 'just a dream'. Something that fills the cloudy space of your mind when you let it walk where it wills.  

Then, about 8 or 9 years down the path of my,  er... regular?, career I found myself once again in that spot where I felt unfulfilled by what I was 'supposed to do' and confused by why.  Confiding in a close friend she asked what I would do if  I could do anything.  I meekly confessed wishes to be a photographer. She quickly dismissed me  with a brief wave of her hand, an eye roll, and said "That will never happen. What else?"         

And I believed her. 

I kept going, looking for other things that also fit 'supposed to'. Then, I turned 30. See, for me, the beautiful thing about 30 was slowly I became ok with giving less and less fucks about what I was supposed to do.  And my wisp of a dream started floating in again. 

After many conversations with myself and my dear, dear friend Catie behind closed office doors, I heard unwavering support along the lines of 'Hell yes' and 'Do it'.   She made me remember to be brave.

Over time my path had crossed with a photographer whose work I lightly stalked and drooled over (how did she do it?!?) I dared to wonder if I could just get an internship... a go-for-ship...anything!...with her, maybe that could gleen enough bits of skill to start to make it on my own.

Deciding to be oddly formal, I handwrote a letter (read: practice draft, edit, edit,edit) then wrote, re-wrote and re-wrote until I was almost out of the shimmery paper I specially selected for my request for consideration. After staring at the envelope sitting on my dresser top I finally managed the gumption to drop it in the mail. 


Weeks, maybe a month, went by and this crazy talented photographer came to my house. Heart pounding in my ears I muddled through a casual chat about kids, sleep...I dunno. My mind was busy running every possible 'no' situation. And then she brought up my letter. She graciously thanked me, said I was sweet.

......And she then said 'no'. She said no to an internship.


In the next breath she volunteered to teach me. Wait. what?! She said 'I'll teach you, I'll help you along the way. We'll talk, I'll guide you, help you learn everything I didn't know when I started.' She just opened up her heart and shared, just...because. Because, I think, because it's good to do. Because she's like that. She meant it too- she took me look at gear, brought me on her team for weddings and engagement sessions. She answered every. basic. question. Discussed business philosophy and branding. She gave me space to learn my camera and find my style. Most importantly-she shared openly with kindness and heart.

So now here I am, so so so fortunate to be embracing something that was once so "just" a dream. 

Thank You, Jess. You were there when my life changed.  


That's how I got here. 

Fall Minis!

Ooh's 60 degree weather and evening windows open mean fall is *here*. 

So excited to offer Fall Mini Sessions!  I'm thinking High Banks Metropark in and around the natural play area. Throw on your fall gear, come play and enjoy the outdoors while I snap some pictures of your beautiful faces. This is a great way to update your family photos and remember the kiddos (or fur babies!) when they were only this big.  Email to pick your time -think late afternoon, early evening so we can catch that golden sun.



I'll Be Your Mirror

Last weekend's wedding was another mini road trip, east in Ohio. Far enough east that the landscape fills with horse farms and cell phone reception is non existent (fine enough, except when you're relying on GPS to get you to your destination!) Totally worth a few turn arounds to make it to this family home on a  thickly wooded lot- the home of the bride's grandfather. 

The whole family pitched in for a *year* before Josh and Cheyenne's wedding to plan and prepare the land to host their wedding and reception. Land was plowed, roadways carved out, and a gorgeous 3-tier pergola was built. The couple and friends were out every weekend in the month before the wedding filling large divots in roadway a shovelfull at a time. So much care and effort went into preparing for their day. 

The heavy shade at the ceremony site provided relief from the Ohio summer that showed up for the week. It was peaceful and ethereal- exactly right for Josh and Cheyenne.

Friends and family would later speak about how well matched these two were for each other. Their joy for these two was plain on their faces.

The culmination of everyones hard work was just spectacular. 

Then, just as cocktail hour got started, it began to rain. And rain and rain. It stopped...and rained again. That happens sometimes, at outdoor weddings. In those unexpected moments it's easy to lose sight of  the point of the day. And *no one cares* that it's raining. Not to be callous, but nobody really minds! Aaalllll of those people were there to celebrate with Josh and Cheyenne and had no other place they had to be. Everyone rolled right along with the rain and the mud and kept going. And so did we!

This guy- I liked this  guy- he really embraced it.  He sat right down in the middle of the rain, and with a shrug of his shoulders and a "whaddya gonna do?" went on enjoying his cheese and crackers. 

When it was time for the first dance, and it was still raining, we kept going. Josh and Cheyenne kept going. And they danced in the rain.

I hope they can always find a way to dance when it's raining. 


Benvy and Nick had spent a great deal of their relationship living apart...really far apart. One a marine geologist working in Oregon, the other providing humanitarian relief in Swaziland.  Benvy had come 'home' for good a mere month before the wedding. Their celebration at Brookside Farm  ( was relaxed and familiar, a place you felt comfortable among strangers. One of Benvy's brother's officiated the ceremony of this sweet couple, and his words were spoken with the genuine love of a big brother.

I hope their life together brings them so much joy. 

Gotta love big brothers. This one though, he was sweet.

There were so many cute kids running around!

Love, Love, Love- Mari & Brooke

So, hello! Welcome to  my first blog post (yay!)

Mari & Brooke's ceremony was one of the most genuine and heartfelt I have ever had the pleasure of attending. These two were so warm, so welcoming, so grateful for each other and just real.  

I have been carrying this moment in my mind since it happened. It was really the tipping point for starting to blog- I just has to share it. 

I'm going to keep it brief because the moment speaks for itself. 


I usually cry at weddings, get misty during toasts, a little sappy when I see a new couple staring at each other. But it's not so often that during a simple embrace that so much can be read on a bride's face. I actually sobbed and lowered my camera. 



I had the joy of talking with Mari as she waited to see her bride for the first time on their wedding day. I asked her what she was thinking, and with a beautiful accent gave the most perfect answer: "We are blessed. We are So. Blessed."

Every detail of their day at The Barn at the Meadows ( ) was truly lovely.  Take your time and look through a few of the moments, as I saw them.