I'll Be Your Mirror

Last weekend's wedding was another mini road trip, east in Ohio. Far enough east that the landscape fills with horse farms and cell phone reception is non existent (fine enough, except when you're relying on GPS to get you to your destination!) Totally worth a few turn arounds to make it to this family home on a  thickly wooded lot- the home of the bride's grandfather. 

The whole family pitched in for a *year* before Josh and Cheyenne's wedding to plan and prepare the land to host their wedding and reception. Land was plowed, roadways carved out, and a gorgeous 3-tier pergola was built. The couple and friends were out every weekend in the month before the wedding filling large divots in roadway a shovelfull at a time. So much care and effort went into preparing for their day. 

The heavy shade at the ceremony site provided relief from the Ohio summer that showed up for the week. It was peaceful and ethereal- exactly right for Josh and Cheyenne.

Friends and family would later speak about how well matched these two were for each other. Their joy for these two was plain on their faces.

The culmination of everyones hard work was just spectacular. 

Then, just as cocktail hour got started, it began to rain. And rain and rain. It stopped...and rained again. That happens sometimes, at outdoor weddings. In those unexpected moments it's easy to lose sight of  the point of the day. And *no one cares* that it's raining. Not to be callous, but nobody really minds! Aaalllll of those people were there to celebrate with Josh and Cheyenne and had no other place they had to be. Everyone rolled right along with the rain and the mud and kept going. And so did we!

This guy- I liked this  guy- he really embraced it.  He sat right down in the middle of the rain, and with a shrug of his shoulders and a "whaddya gonna do?" went on enjoying his cheese and crackers. 

When it was time for the first dance, and it was still raining, we kept going. Josh and Cheyenne kept going. And they danced in the rain.

I hope they can always find a way to dance when it's raining. 

Savannah CainesComment