Love, Love, Love- Mari & Brooke

So, hello! Welcome to  my first blog post (yay!)

Mari & Brooke's ceremony was one of the most genuine and heartfelt I have ever had the pleasure of attending. These two were so warm, so welcoming, so grateful for each other and just real.  

I have been carrying this moment in my mind since it happened. It was really the tipping point for starting to blog- I just has to share it. 

I'm going to keep it brief because the moment speaks for itself. 


I usually cry at weddings, get misty during toasts, a little sappy when I see a new couple staring at each other. But it's not so often that during a simple embrace that so much can be read on a bride's face. I actually sobbed and lowered my camera. 



I had the joy of talking with Mari as she waited to see her bride for the first time on their wedding day. I asked her what she was thinking, and with a beautiful accent gave the most perfect answer: "We are blessed. We are So. Blessed."

Every detail of their day at The Barn at the Meadows ( ) was truly lovely.  Take your time and look through a few of the moments, as I saw them.

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