Heeey-oh! You're getting married!! First, Congrats! This is a big deal. 

     Maybe you've been dreaming this day for as long as you can remember.

         Maybe you never thought you'd get married until *they* came in to your life.

              (Maybe you're here because all the wedding planning duties were handed out and you were assigned 'Find Photographer'...It's cool, divide and conquer, I get it.)

Whichever path brought you this way I want to hear your story. Your wedding day is unlike any other. When I photograph your day and it's more than pictures. I turn your memories into something tangible, something you can hold in your hands and replay in your mind over the years at will. Your wedding day is both part of your personal history and the beginning of something entirely new.

Let's talk! Tell me what you have been dreaming of remembering forever.    Message me here.



Claudia and Aaron

Community and Love in Cbus


Marie and Drew

Romantic Glamour at the Historical Village


All the pretty!

this way....