Park of Roses Wedding


Worthington Hills Country Club Reception

It was such a pleasure to work with Brooke and Scott on their wedding day. They were kind, grounded in their planning and EXCITED for each other. Their ceremony weaved in their love and appreciation for their families; It was fantastic to witness. The rain cleared just in time for their outdoor ceremony at the Park of Roses in Columbus, OH. Following they celebrated with a beautiful reception at the Worthington Hills Country club.

Enjoy this little slice of their day.

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Detail image of bride getting ready. Sister tying brides dress.
Brides first look with sister.
Pence in a shoe. Wedding day good luck charm.
Beautiful bride profile picture. Putting veil on bride.
Bride with rosary. Catholic bride on her wedding day.
Park of Roses wedding, Columbus OH. Bride and groom holding hands.
Bride and Groom portrait with dogs. Bride and groom with pets. Park of Roses Wedding. Columbus OH .
Worthington HIlls Wedding Reception, Old Worthington OH, Park of Roses Wedding Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer8.jpg