Hi out there! That's me, Savannah, here at Ce Moment Photography. 

I see myself as being a visual-biographer-meets-personal historian. I want to give you a tangible representation of your memories, to help you savor these fleeting moments. It's so humbling every time someone lets me peek into their lives for a just little bit, then reflect it back. It's the chaos and giggles, hugs and tears, grit and joy mixed in a way that makes your life like no one else. After all, right now is your personal history in the making! Your moments are worth capturing- and I'm the photographer to do that for you.

If this sounds dreamy, it's because it is. I love love love this work.  It doesn't feel real. Being a photographer has let me meet so many wonderful, genuine, love-filled people has been so pivotal in my own story. It has shaped me as a person and as a mama (to two amazing boys!)  and I'm so grateful to everyone who has been there, and will be there, along the way. (read more about that, here).

Is there a bit of your life you want to grab onto and savor? Get in touch here- I want to hear from you!