Hi out there! That's me, Savannah, here at Ce Moment. 

You know, writing about yourself is tricky. I go completely blank. This next bit might be awkward for both us.

Here's a little about me:

I see myself, and this job, as being a visual-biographer-meets-personal historian. After, right now is your personal history in the making! I find myself wanting to hover on the edge, letting time unfold as it wills, and capturing your fleeting moments on fill. Though this isn't a passive approach; I'm often seen climbing on chairs and eyeballing my surroundings wondering "Is that a functional ladder, or decorative? Think it matters? Yeeeah, I'm going to climb that."

I want to show my clients how their loved ones see them. To give a tangible representation of how your moments look in your memories. The chance to see your world outside yourself. I'm so grateful every time someone lets me peek in their lives for a little bit, and give me the chance to reflect it back. 

If it sounds dreamy, it's because it is. I love love love this work.  It doesn't feel real. This work has been so pivotal in my timeline, shaping me as a person and as a mama (to two amazing boys!) While I'm sure I haven't quite realized the depth of the impact, I am going to run full force into these moments. Frankly, I don't really know any other speed besides 'full force'. Maybe I'll see you there.

Is there a bit of your life you want to grab onto and savor? Get in touch here- I want to hear from you!