Vivid and Sentimental Wedding Photography

In Columbus, Ohio and your dream destination

Hey-oooh, you're getting married. Congrats!! This is a big deal

Maybe you've been dreaming this day for as long as you can remember. Maybe you never thought you'd get married until *they* came in to your life. Maybe you're here because wedding planning duties delegated and you got 'Find Photographer'...Divide and conquer, I get it.

Whichever path brought you this way I want to hear your story. Your vows are part of your personal history and the beginning of something entirely new. When a couple chooses a wedding photographer they’re not just looking for images of the events- they’re entrusting the preservation of their memories.

As your personal visual biographer I carefully weave together your moments- the hand wringing jitters, the crinkly nose laughter, teary eyed kisses- into a visual story that reflects their love. My style is about genuine connection over big productions, joyful moments over poses, true-to-life color that outlasts trends, all with an energetic twist for the sentimental at heart. I’m a believer in all things print- I can transform your memories into something tangible, something you can hold in your hands and replay in your mind over the years at will.

If this sounds like I meet be your ‘just-right’ photographer, let's talk! Tell me what you have been dreaming of remembering forever.  Click here 

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