Eeeeek! A sweet little babe making their debut- it doesn't get much more awesome than that. The space a woman chooses to give birth in is somehow delicate, in need of protection and simultaneously the site of the incredible strength of a birthing mother.  It's a bubble that requires invitation or necessity to be present in order to witness some of, I think, the most surreal moments of life. It’s your day, your child’s day, your family’s day, your surrogates day, and or your adoptive parents day….so many lives are touched with the birth of a child.

Do you have a wee one due soon? Thinking about documenting one of the most amazing and life changing events you'll probably barely remember? Birth amnesia is real! Let’s grab a smoothie and talk it over. I can answer all of your how, when, what’s and “will you take a picture of my…?” (Not directly, unless you really specifically want that shot.) Now is the time to get in touch- Ce Moment Photography has a limited number of spots available per year.

If a birth session interests you but you’re not sure it’s right for you, consider a Fresh 48 session. A Fresh 48 is perfect for so much fresh-baby-goodness with the bonus of getting to run a brush over your hair (only if you want to. You do you.)


Hold on to your ovaries, it's fresh babies!  And check out CMP's adorable families over at  The Fam and some growing families at The Bump