Becoming a parent isn't really an instant thing. I mean, there is certainly that moment of panic when the last nurse says goodbye and they just let you go.  The panic hits like "ohmygod this is all on me now?? Wait, waaaaait..."  You are for sure a parent that instant. Really BECOMING a parent is something to grow get your parent legs over time. Kids do this crazy thing where they just keep growing up and changing right before your eyes; some days (er, nights) are so long, but  the years are astoundingly fast.  Having a family photo session is to save *this* moment. While you might also be trying to slow down time with a million cell phone pics, sometimes you have give a gift to yourself. Put the phone down and go wade knee deep in those moments with your family. If you're wondering if you should update your family's yes. It's always yes. It doesn't have to take long 30 minutes, an hour. But do it often. I promise you won't say "I just have *too many* pictures of my super cute fam!" 

Family is everything. Go be with them, and I'll take your picture. 


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